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Advanced Performance Enhancing X Cells

Most wearable technologies only monitor performance. We create products to improve performance. Those who wear our APEX CELLS are immediately stronger.

Many customers who wear APEX CELLS also report better focus, flexibility and mental clarity. Developed by neuroscientists and brain integration specialists, our proprietary APEX CELLS technology offers an unprecedented and easy way to train, perform, and live better.

Many of our happiest consumers wear APEX CELLS daily at home or at work. Most report having more energy and focus throughout the day. Wherever you decide you need a boost, APEX CELLS can help.


Agricultural Research


Currently, APEX Cells is being developed for agricultural purposes. The above picture is two lemons, one with APEX Cells and one without. These two lemons were grown in exactly the same growing conditions, except the one on the left had APEX Cells implanted into the tree base. Clearly, the lemon on the left is thriving, whereas the one on the right is a common store size.


Performance Enhancement Test Results

We tested athletes wearing clothing fused with our cells and the results (displayed below) were remarkable.



Here are some of the athletes' comments:

Athlete 1: I increased my max leg extension by over 20 pounds in less than three minutes.

Athlete 2: With the APEX shirt I was able to attain my max rep with very little effort.

Athlete 3: I knew instantly that the APEX shirt made me feel stronger, but it also made me much more flexible and have better agility.




The enhancement process that gives APEX CELLS their power is a trade secret. Here is what we can tell you:

Our proprietary technology is the result of over thirty years of experience in the fields of neuroscience and kinesiology.

The effects of our technology can be detected by bioelectrographic cameras, widely used in Europe for medical applications. They allow the invisible bioelectric fields surrounding living and inanimate objects to be seen. The following images, taken from a bioelectrographic camera, illustrate how APEX CELLS increase the body’s inherent energy and therefore improve performance.



Work With Us

If you are interested in producing, distributing, marketing or selling either our products or products with APEX CELLS, please send us an email at under the subject Partnership.

There are many applications for our APEX CELLS. If there is an opportunity you want to pursue with our technology, let us know at under the subject License.