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Does APEX CELLS stand for something?

APEX CELLS stands for Advanced Performance Enhancing X Cells. We fix cells to garments so that you can benefit from the positive effects of our technology wherever you go.


What do APEX CELLS look like?

APEX CELLS resemble small metal discs or pucks. They are very light and unobtrusive.


What are APEX CELLS?

APEX CELLS are a wearable performance enhancement technology. They are placed strategically in garments to immediately improve your performance. In clinical trials APEX CELLS have been shown to increase strength and flexibility. No additional training is required to experience the benefits and competitive edge of APEX CELLS.

Many of our happiest consumers wear APEX CELLS daily at home or at work. Most report having more energy and focus throughout the day.


How long do APEX CELLS take to work?

Most people notice the effects of APEX CELLS within a minute. The effects of APEX CELLS are cumulative. Though they begin to work immediately, the longer you wear them, the greater the effects. We encourage you to wear them during training and competition to help you win when it counts.


What athletes benefit most from APEX CELLS technology?

All of them. Every athlete can benefit from regular use of APEX CELLS technology. You will want to wear it when you cross train, lift weights, do cardio, even yoga and especially during competitions.


Can APEX CELLS be worn in competition?

As far as we know, APEX CELLS are not presently banned by any sport’s regulating authority. They are a great way to enhance performance in any competition.


What are the benefits of a customized garment?

APEX CELLS began by working with elite athletes and world champions. They asked for a competitive edge. We created customized garments with 20 APEX CELLS for the highest levels of training and performance. This option allowed them to wear APEX CELLS in branded sportswear and competitive uniforms. We continue to provide clients with specialized APEX CELLS garments outside of our regular production.

Customers who purchased this option wear APEX CELLS:

  • in dress shirts to work.
  • in undershirts around the house and under other clothing.
  • in camisoles.
  • in golf shirts.
  • in athletic uniforms (especially during competitions).
  • in school uniforms or streetwear (especially during exams).

Team options and pricing are available. Please inquire at


Do APEX CELLS ever lose their power?

Our research indicates that APEX CELLS will not lose their power unless tampered with or subjected to extreme heat.


How should my APEX CELLS shirt fit?

APEX CELLS work with any shirt, fit, or fabric. Choose what's comfortable for you. Many athletes wear it as an under shirt with their competitive uniform on top, but it does not have to be tight to be effective.


How should I wash my APEX CELLS shirt?

Just to be safe, we recommend gentle cold washing and hanging to dry. This will ensure your garment last and lasts. In testing we machine washed our shirts over 60 times without any issues. APEX CELLS garments should never be heated with a steam iron or placed in the dryer.


Is there anyone who should not wear APEX CELLS?

APEX CELLS may affect pacemakers and other implanted medical devices. If you have a pacemaker you should not wear APEX CELLS. APEX CELLS may pose a choking hazard to young children if they come loose and are expressly not intended for use by children under 14 years of age. This product contains magnetic components. Anyone who is concerned about the use of magnets, who has an implanted electronic device, or is a woman in the first trimester of pregnancy, should consult a physician or care provider before using any magnetic product.


What if I'm not satisfied?

APEX CELLS have been developed by researchers who love to win. When you win, we win. If for any reason, you are not happy with your APEX CELLS garment, just return it within 10 days and we will be happy to give you a full refund for the garment. We stand behind our exceptional product 100%. Tampering with or removing APEX CELLS will void any refund, return or warranty.